It was especially fun for us as students living on the Garden Peninsula to put together a web page supporting our area. We really love living here. We are free to do activities that young people living in urban areas cannot experience. We can jump on a four-wheeler and ride in the woods, or take a boat ride with no problems. There is no other place where we would want to spend our teenage years. The people here are so supportive and we are proud of the rich history of the area. Creating this webpage was so much fun and it helps us to appreciate living on the Garden Peninsula. Please visit this community and you’ll see why we are so happy to be here. You won’t be disappointed.


This video highlights the one of a kind experiences available in the area for our youth (and the rest of us too.) How many young people can go to a remote beach in the wilderness of the U.P. and pick up the appropriate end of a snapping turtle? Or throw rocks from the top of a limestone cliff and listen for the “splunk” as it hits the waters of Lake Michigan? Our youth are grateful for the accessible beauty and nature driven opportunities just outside their door. Come and experience a fun day with your youth.


Let’s face it, we all love a little fun and mental challenge so we have included a scavenger hunt.  Throughout this youth page, what is out of place, out of season or used incorrectly in the video/photos? 


Thank you to The Community Foundation of Delta County for their generous donation to make the student page possible.
The Community Foundation truly is a catalyst for change as they partner with other organizations
to enhance the quality of life we enjoy in the Upper Peninsula.

What would it be like to grow up in area where access to the woods and the water is as natural as breathing?  Their free spirit and that small town feel really “pops” on the page.  Thank you to the following Big Bay de Noc students from the 8th to 10th grades who conceived, created, and finished this page for our website.  They are Quenna Spriks, Aerianna Spriks, Noah Halvorson, Marcos Hider, and Devin Rath.  Special thanks to our equipment manager Brielle Spriks and production assistants Beth Hopp, and Don & Danna Kuhr.  With a little help from our designer the vision of these students is now available for us to appreciate.